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Antique Field Day - California Antique Farm Equipment Show

The International Agri-Center hosts Antique Field Day on the first day of the California Antique Farm Equipment Show. This ag education events provides an opportunity for 5th grade students to learn about the importance of agriculture specifically featuring the history of California Agriculture. What better way to educate our students about agriculture then learning directly from the farmers themselves. The exhibitors at the show will demonstrate their antique tractors and farm equipment. Students have an opportunity to see  steam engine tractors, crawlers, trucks, and implements. Antique Field Day will educate your students about the history of California Agriculture through demonstrations and presentations from farmers and agriculturalists from all over California. People visit the well renown show to proudly display their farm antiques they have and enjoy demonstrating a profession or hobby from many years ago for children of all ages. Antique Field Day provides the International Agri-Center an opportunity to honor the past and educate our future.   

Last Updated Friday, July 10, 2020 - 06:12 AM.